viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Find a cause

Find a cause, that's what John Carter said.

Estos días no he más que pensado en qué es lo que me gusta hacer
These days I've been just thinkin' about what do I like to do; like I always say, for me, it's the only and the greatest thing that a human can spend its time on.
The point is that... I don't know what the hell I like. I mean, I know what basic things I like, but I haven't discover some kind of combination of those wich give the very orgasm of my life.

I mean, I'm here, sitting in the couch, with all of this ideas and energy and all of my shit... spending my time, and I just can't stop thinkin that probably in my deathbed I would not think of anything else than "God... why? ¿Why I didn't come with that idea before? ¿why do I spen my life thinking most of time?"... and stuff like that.

And well,some kind of answer came to my mind when I was opening this shit and I was about to begin to cry my troubles in here: devote my time, easily, with no stress, very gentely, to discover what to do, the perfect combination.

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