viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

carlos, the spiritual boy

yesterday i was in the school, layingg on one of her many

grasses finishing the stupid nutrition homework, when this

young, woth ortodoncy, small, green eyes boy came up to

me; he first introduce himself as if i dont know that he was

gonna ask me for something, okay ¬¬
he is carlos, and jesus! he want to talk to me about JESUS

and the fucving bible, ¿what the fuck?
when i started to came at this school, man i swer i expect

something better than that.
¿how can exist the simple idea of jesus existance in a

universitary heatlh sciences center?
man and the best thing was his fucking damaged pharses, i

was in shock! hahahahahaha:
"the books never gonna help you at all"
"till now iv ever know about the real origin of the threes, or

why the threes have that shape"
and of course i cant laugh on front of him, first cos u i was

very tired, second, cos i was very stressed making the

homework adn third cos he dont need depression on his life

or humiliation from a beautifulk woman...
so i was fighting his ideas with real arguments, but FUCK he

still saying, with his god damn shiny eyes and looking to sky, i

swer, imnot lying: "but i feel (almost gayly) something nside of

me, something that anything can full up, that anything on earth

can never do.
and the worst thing, when i almost vomit: ¿how can people

believe that we get born from the water? man, i almost kill him

in front of everyone! but as i said, i was tired.

actually i behave pretty good, i told him but thinkin in my mind

in the posibilityy of the rights sense of my words, "if people

like you doesnt exist, man, this world world would be bullshit"
so people, never expect a lot from peoplle out of you...

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